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Hats Off to Drink In Ludlow

While all you folks were at the Red’s game, Uptowners strolled the streets sipping wine at the second Drink In Ludlow wine walk. Even though the wine walk went from 6pm-8pm, we were only able to make it to half of the eleven locations. The people, food, and shopping kept us quite preoccupied at each stop.

After getting our free flowers from the wonder Adrian Durbin Florist, we stopped to shop in Pangaea Trading Company where two of us couldn’t help ourselves when it came to their fashionable hats. The same thing ended up happening at the Hansa Guild hat shop. Thus, three ladies with chicly adorned heads!

We just couldn’t help ourselves!

We encountered one of my favorite Ludlow shop personalities… and his parrot!

Raphael, of D. Raphael’s jewelry, takes the best pictures, does he not?

As we trotted about town, live music from Clifton Plaza set the perfect tone.

Finally, the night ended where it always should, Ludlow Wines, where I grabbed a delicious gift for my neighbor who was not able to attend.

Mike, the owner, can always pick out the best wines for you!

Another big thank to Far-I-Rome Productions for a great event on Ludlow!

Til’ next wine Uptowners.

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