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What a Feast!

Wednesday night, walking into 2619 Glendora, I had no idea what I was in for. I had heard that it would be a food art event but I had no clue what that might look like. What was in store was one heck of a fascinating evening.

Modern Makers, a monthly event series by Hark + Hark held in the short Vine business district, hosted their first event of the season called The Big Dinner, catered and designed by the amazing Frances Croner of Feast (this woman is absolutely BRILLIANT). The event combined interpretive dance by guest and performers and five-star food served in unexpected ways.

Let me now just list my favorite parts of the evening because there truly is no way to really explain how wonderful and inspiring this event was.

1. The chocolate mustache painting station.

Even babies love chocolate facial hair! (Note: His name is Auvington. HOW COOL!)

2. Eating food off spoons attached to the wall.

Almonds inside a fig, wrapped with bacon… YUM!

3. Watching people dance oddly simply because head phones are telling them to.

4. Eating bread off ropes hanging from the ceiling.

5. Watching people take photos behind the empty frames hanging throughout the room.

The ladies of Hark + Hark doing their thing.

These photos only capture a fourth of the amazing experience I had at Modern Maker’s Big Dinner.

The next Modern Maker’s scheduled for October 17th will feature the Cincinnati Ballet 2, previewing Alice in Wonderland. You can be sure I will not miss it.

See you there Uptowners!

Frances Kroner of Feast!

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