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Finding Community Love on a Monday

I’m in Uptown every minute of everyday it seems so I really just want to highlight my highlight of the week.

On Monday I gathered my ladies and we headed out to an event I had anxiously been waiting for all last week, “Our Place”. In preparation for the October Jubilee Festival, World Peace Yoga & Motion Studio partnered with Far-I-Rome Productions to host a preview event that combined live music, vegan food,  and yoga. As skeptical all those elements together may sound, this event was really something. Its kind of like the fist time you try figs on a pizza… you think, “What?”, but then it all comes together in perfect harmony. (If you’ve never tried the figs and prosciutto wood fire pizza at Pomodori’s, just go so you can understand the reference)

We got there, took our shoes off, and walked into a packed house filled with live music on both floors and vegan treats that were out of this world, like Sweet Peace Bakery‘s Betterfingers and Forsum‘s vegan goetta burgers (phenomenal…). One of my favorite local musicians, Josh Eagle, was upstairs bringing ear to ear smiles, like always, with his funky folksy sounds.


In the side rooms instructors demonstrated yoga that looked about as safe as base jumping.

How… seriously?

These two gentlemen of were Cookin’ some Hearts if you know what I mean. You probably don’t unless you know that their name is Cookin’ Hearts.

The night ended with beautiful hula hooping ladies accompanied by handsome drummers celebrating long into the night. Could you ask for a better Monday night?

The Jubilee Festival on October 11-14th will be another celebration of music, yoga, food, and more. Check it out!

What was your highlight of the week in Uptown?

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