Uptown Life

When Life Hands You Randishes

I’ve been working near the Civic Garden Center in Avondale for a while now. Everyday I tell myself, “I’m going to walk over there during my lunch break”. But, I never do. Today, high heels and all, I made the pilgrimage. All I can say is go pack your self a picnic this instant, snag a friend or a significant other, and get yourself over to 2715 Reading Road.

Let me guide you through my short trip!

Check out their roof gardens first.

Pretty nice view of the American Cancer Society.

Then, go for a walk through the gardens. You will not be disappointed. Here are a few shots.

I think this is the perfect place for wedding photos.

This doesn’t even feel like Ohio anymore

The entire garden is also a classroom. Signs lead visitors through various growing and planting lessons. My favorite was the composting station. This is something I have always wanted to learn how to do.

Compost: not at all like I pictured it

Finally, you must stop into the main building. Here you can look at books, view artwork, buy gardening supplies and even take your first step toward growing your own food.

Hmm… which one?

Apparently radishes, while they are not my favorite food, are the easiest to grow and it is the perfect season to plant them. So, radishes it was!


Don’t worry. When they are ready, I am happy to share.

I hope to see all you Uptowners at their Fall Fest on September 22. It will be a day of food trucks, plant sales, free activities for kids and more.

What would you like to start growing in your own backyard?

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