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Errands Made Easy

You all know I love my Uptown, but there is nothing wrong with a weekend away. But, as I was getting ready for my weekend at the lake with my girlfriends, I realized there was still a few errands that I needed to run. I needed to go to the bank, pick up some bug spray, return my library books, pick up a gift for a baby shower, buy a hat to wear by the water, and pick up a bottle of something sparkling to celebrate a good friend’s new job. Can this all be done in one place you ask? YES! All of this was accomplished in less than 45 minutes on Ludlow Avenue, a staple shopping area in Uptown.

First stop, PNC Bank. Easy as pie. Apparently you can deposit a check at the ATM. No line? Yes please! Second stop, Toko Baru for some Burt’s Beer Bug Repellant. I’ve heard this stuff is phenomenal and the backwoods of Kentucky is not going to let you get by with the cheap stuff. Thank you for the bite free weekend Burt. Right next door was the Clifton Branch Public Library and of course I could not walk away with out a few more books under my arm. Then, off to Toko Baru Kids to hunt down a small gift for a co-worker’s baby shower. While trying to keep it practical, but also make it something that a new mom wouldn’t necessarily buy herself, I went for the Burt’s Bees Baby Bath Set. I know this will get some good use! I also picked up a small wooden mouse toy for my son. I have a soft spot in my heart for wooden toys and for $3, I couldn’t resist. I also noted something I needed to get my nephew for Christmas.

I almost wish I was cool enough to rock this Madpax bag!

Then I was off to the Hansa Guild hat shop to find the perfect vacation hat! Here I found an amazing Panama Jack fedora marked down 50% and I did not take it off all weekend. Seriously, if you have questioned the fedora trend, stop now (My inspiration for the trend comes from one of my favorite bloggers Rockstar Diaries). They are wonderful. Finally, the errand run was finished with a stop at Ludlow Wines where I found the perfect prosecco for $13. Prosecco is the perfect marriage between champagne and white wine if you were not sure.

After 45 minutes my errand run (toddler-in-tote) was completed. I did not have to drive anywhere, I supported local businesses and I got the chance to enjoy the beautiful whether in Uptown!

All for under $60!

Do you have a favorite place to shop in Uptown?

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One thought on “Errands Made Easy

  1. Always good to read your blog. Love ya Dad

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