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I’ll Take Some Wine With That Paint

When I found out there was going to be a Wine Walk on Ludlow Avenue, I literally could not be more enthusiastic. I had been to the one in O’Bryonville and all I could think about was, “Ludlow NEEDS this!”.  If you do not live in or near the Gaslight District of Uptown, then I can only hope you have visited many times. Little shops and family restaurants line the street. They offer everything to eat from Indian food to vegan dishes, and everything you could want to buy, from organic kids toys to African jewelry. But never have I seen the street so full of life than it was on the evening of August 8th, at the “Drink In  Ludlow” wine walk.

Our first stop was at Paolo’s, a small but elegant jewelry store, where we were greeted with desert wine and Graeter’s chocolates… and a beautiful dog wearing jewelry.

Check out the bling on that sexy blonde!

Every stop after that did not disappoint. This is quite an accomplishment considering there were eighteen stops. Neighbors and families walked and talked carrying popcorn handed out by the Esquire Theater, carnations given to them by Adrian Durban, and some people (like myself) even found themselves drinking wine while finishing up a few errands, like buying paint from Ace Hardware. You never know when a slate gray is going to speak to you, right?

Raphael from D. Raphaels is my new favorite person and his jewelry is gorgeous so check it out!

The best part of the night was simply seeing both Uptowners and out-of-towners laughing and enjoying an evening of community. Far-I-Rome Productions, way to go on creating such a beautiful event. Hope to see you at the next one on October 10th Uptownies!

Choa for now.

Just some friends and neighbors enjoying some wine at Ludlow Wines

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