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I Heart This Cafe, And I Think It Hearts Me Back

After leaving work today, I decided it was about time to stop at my favorite Uptown cafe. No, not Starbucks! Although, I cannot wait for their Pumpkin Spice Latte to come back. Can I get an amen? No… just me… alright. To calm your unbridled excitement, I went to the only non-profit coffee shop in town, Rohs Street Cafe. Most of you are probably thinking, “Wait, that place that looks like a church?”. Yes, it is attached, more like owned, by a church. This doesn’t mean that you have to recite John 3:16 before you can order, I promise. This place honestly got me through my undergraduate and most of my mini panic attacks while studying for the GRE, not just because of the coffee, but because of the people and the love they put into their products.

No matter who your are, whether you like coffee, enjoy free Wi-Fi or just want a place to sit and eat your Arby’s roast beef sandwich without question, Rohs Street Cafe is the place to be. Personally, I can’t help but snag a soy latte every time I enter because 1) its deliciousness and 2) look how pretty it is!

Coffee meets art… just another boy meets girl story.

After this gorgeous creation was all sipped away, I decided I just had to buy some of their famous fair trade coffee to brew for myself at home.  They were not messing around! Alan, the veteran barista at Rohs Street, led me through a wonderfully surprising taste test. Did I want the light Mexican, the bold Sumatran, or the medium Brazilian?

A little shot glass size of coffee, too cute!.

The votes are in people and the winner is… Brazilian baby! Can’t wait to enjoy this DIRECT trade coffee in the morning. What is direct trade you ask? Fair trade = when farmer are paid, through a middle man, fair wages for their work. Direct trade = when farmer are paid fair wages, without the middleman’s cut, directly by the buyer. End result = I leave with a delicious bag of coffee, feeling ethically and tastily happy!

My taste buds will report back soon with joyful reviews I’m sure!

Then it was straight home and a morning greeted by…

A french press of brazilian love!

Hope to see you tomorrow at the corner of Rohs and McMillan Uptowners!

Catch ya latte! (I know, cheesy)

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