Uptown Life

Come Fly With Me

If you have driven down Martin Luther King Jr. in Clifton, you have probably also wondered, what is that thing! What is that big construction of ropes, ladders, and swings sitting in Burnet Woods? That my Uptown friends, is the Cincinnati Circus’ Flying Trapeze, open to the public every Sunday until, as the instructor said, “It gets too cold”. So while that may seem like never in hot hot Cincinnati, it could be sooner than you think. Make a reservation or you can simply walk up before the classes start, which is what I did, and try your luck. When are you ever going to get this opportunity again?

On Sunday, a friend and I walked up, having no idea what would be in store for us. There were ten of us in the class and it lasted a little over two hours. After a short introduction, we got the opportunity to “fly” three times each. I can not explain in words how much fun this was. You could just hang if you wanted or a few people even tried tricks.

One of the girls did a catch on her second try!

Each time I felt my heart race faster and faster as I jumped into the air hoping my arms would be strong enough to grip the bar. But the scariest part for everyone was when you have to let go of the bar and pray that the net will save you, which it always does. This was one of the scariest and best days I’ve had this summer. So whether it is the flying trapeze or something else new and exhilarating, find a way in Uptown to follow Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice and “Do one thing everyday that scares you”.

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