Uptown Life

Finding Peace in Uptown

To be honest, I’m not completely in to fitness… but, things changed when I found out that a studio in Uptown was hosting a free month of yoga classes for any and everyone. Now if you’re thinking yoga isn’t really a strenuous work out, take a few classes and find out just how sore you are the next day. Even if you are thinking, “But I have never tried yoga and it might be too hard”, do not worry because there are all levels of classes at the World Peace Yoga & Motion Studio and everyone goes at their own pace. Just check out their class schedule or head down to 268 Ludlow Avenue   while they are still in the Freedom month. Do not even worry about brining a thing, the studio thankfully has mats, blankets, blocks, and more for you to use.

But I should probably prepare you for one other thing! At the end of the work out the instructors come around while your eyes are closed and give you the most relaxing neck massages you’ll ever have. If you don’t know this hopefully you are not too surprised when it happens (like I was). So take a break from your busy days and find some peace in Uptown, whether it is with yoga or something else. Namaste!


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